And a New Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me! IF YOU KNOW ME then you know I used to be a city girl with country  dreams.  I had a long blog about my money pit of a house that I loved but it was draining me financially.  It was a cool place with  a lot of land but the upkeep negated the cool points.  With that house I am giving up that country dream and going back to my roots…being a city gal.  It was fun though.

I sold my house and I am renting a room from a friend until I can get my next home because this is a good time to go back to Florida.  I love my job but the  market was looking good to sell (finally) and the job is getting really crazy so that told me…time to go. Plus I would love to be closer to my grands. I been threatening to leave for 12 years now so no one probably believes I am really going but I am! Sunshine and beaches I miss you!!  Trying to get there fast as I can!

The job hunting process is driving me crazy though because for every job I applied for there have been at least 50+ applicants. Everyone wants to live in the happiest place on earth. The competition has been tough. This is a real blow to the ego until I land what I want.

I am ready  to be settled in my new life.  I don’t like not being the queen of my castle.  I also have decorating fever.  I have been helping my friend out by painting the interior of her house and helping with a few other projects but it’s not the same thing.

While I am in limbo I will probably blog about the other things  so please bear with me… the home projects are coming soon.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


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