Color Help

Still thinking about my inspiration color…


They call the color blushing bride or Cathedral Morning. I wrote Valspar and asked about color pallets to go with this for other rooms (as if I am ready to paint) and they sent three options: OPTION 1:

Jacquelyn, I am suggesting the following palette, starting with Blushing Bride as the main color. For the accent color I am suggesting a darker color in the same family, which is the second swatch, for the trim I am suggesting a mid-tone from the same family as Blushing Bride, which is the third swatch. As another accent or Coordinating color I am suggesting a very dark color from the same family as the Blushing Bride, the fourth swatch. For the Pop of color I am suggesting a blue with a gray undertone that acts as a nice complement to the wall and trim colors I am suggesting. I recommend obtaining the color chips and viewing them in your space and lighting situation.


I like the Silver Fox and maybe the November Foliage for an accent wall but otherwise does he think i am decorating a dungeon?? Options two and three were worse so i am not going to even waste my time publishing them.
I painted my last house 4-5 times and finally settled on painting the whole house white except my bedroom and office which were mauve.
What colors are you feeling in your house?
Any tips on finding the perfect room colors?

I am not sure if asking Val was a good option.  I used her in the past but this time YUCK

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