Rectifying a Pantry



Who in the world needs shelves three feet apart.  We certainly don’t!!

Supplies for this project: caulk, liquid nails, level,  and free wood from Lowes (in the back of the store by the saw, they always have wood for free in the trash (that’s for the supports) and wood for shelves.


Empty out the closet and clean the shelves


Use liquid nails on the back of the supports and secure them to the wall at the desired height…use your level to make sure they are straight!


use your caulk gun to cut the tip off the caulk and poke a hole in the tube to get it started

Add your shelves and caulk the sides.


add some no stick shelf paper and you are done!!


Much Better!!  It now holds all the original items plus everything that was on the counters



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