Tile-ish back splash

I am living in a rented house.  I painted the whole house and then wanted to  put up some stick on tiles in the kitchen.  I had never heard of these before but I found some in Walmart  in the clearance aisle.  Too cheap to pass up.  This project took 3 packs


So first thing was first, clean off the wall.  Of course I did not take a before photo.  Didn’t think about it.  Anyway since it was painted a few months ago there was not really any hidden grease or anything on it.  I went over it with Dollar Tree degreaser anyway.



Next clean off the counter.   There was a lot of things on the counter, which made me wonder why.  One look in the pantry and I knew why.  The shelves were inefficient.  

This is how my projects snowball because now I felt compelled to fix the closet,  Next posting.


So basically this went really well.  I used a cutting board and a razor to cut the sheets, when I had to trim them.  I took off the electrical outlets and cut around them   I used the cardboard in the package as a straight edge guide.  I cut myself of course so I did what any respectable handy person would do…wrapped it in tissue and secured it with electrical tape

They stuck on pretty easily.  I just used a damp cloth to smooth them down.  Make sure, if you try this, to overlap the grout lines


It took less than 30 minutes to complete.


Easy Peasy annnnnnnnnd they can be removed without causing any damage

11Now on to the closet….

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