The NE corner of my bedroom

I have been unpacking and settling into my new place. I came from a cramped one bedroom to a spacious 4 bedroom and I am loving it. I am a perfume collector and always talked about buying a display cabinet for my collection. I finally did it. I purchased three Detolf cabinets at Ikea. They were on sale for $39.99 each!! Two were used in my dressing area. I also found a desk at big Lots on sale for $16 after my 20% discount. Whooo whooo.

The desk. I couldnt believe it was only $16!

Its cheap, yes but I personally love it. Everything is in one place and my bathroom is no longer cluttered! It amazingly takes off the stress of getting ready in the morning!

I got some comments on my facebook page saying too much, too busy, made me dizzy. They can say what they want but it looks better than having this stuff strewn all over the place!! I also posted the same photo on a group I am part of.

My favorite comments:

1-Surrounding yourself with what you love and making it work in your decor is a flare for the artistic style…and I daresay the OG boho style. Lately boho is somehow made minimal with all white, brown, beige, when its really anything but that. I like your style! So much more personality to it, and no copycat-ism. Beautiful!

2- Maximalism! 🙂 When done well, it looks really good. I love that you have your jewellery displayed openly, and that window is gorgeous! I sadly could never do it myself as my OCD does not allow me to own more than five moving boxes of things but I am particularly obsessed with this.

Those comments from strangers meant more to me than the ones from the known commentors. A good comment is a seratoma boost!

People don’t understand the spirit of a creative unless they themselves are truly creative. I used to love visiting my Aunt Janet’s house. Although at times it did get to be too much, i was always mesmerized by her stuff. She even had a fountain in her livingroom. I don’t have a fountain but I have my fair share of fishtanks. Photos to come soon as they are aquascaped. (You didn’t think I would have an ordinary tank did you? Bahhhhaaahahaha.)

Until next project. … scenes from this corner of my home

I found the christmas story lamp!!
Rub the lamp and make a wish!

I wonder how much my perfume collection is worth!! Since one bottle cost $900 I know it’s in the thousands. Yikes!
I can’t bear to put up a curtain

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