Free Ain’t Always Free

I saw an ad on facebook:

I wrote the poster and asked for the size and they seemed perfect. I went to look at them and not bad. She pointed out that a drawer was broken on the first cabinet in the photo. Its okay, I will be revamping the whole thing anyway.

I went to Home Depot and got a 90 minute rental van  for $19.99. Packed up my moving blankets and hand truck.

Make no mistake these jokers were heavy! I got them to the house ok but couldn’t lift two up the step to get it in the door so I laid them on a blanket and slid them in. Hmmmph! Later I realized I could’nt lift them to stand up so they sat there for a week until my uncle could come help me.

That mess you see all around them is all the stuff i cant find a place for after unpacking so thats why i needed this wall unit. Dont judge. It’s mostly tools and craft supplies.  Not omg but oh my hoards lol. In my defense i only been in my house 2 months and unpacking  after working.  Not easy.

Step one painting and repairing unit one.

I decided on turquoise

I cleaned unit one, removed the shelves and painted it. I was going to fasten drawer face on unit with no drawer but i challenged myself to make a drawer. Whaaaat?

Step two measure the hole that the drawer is going in. 36x18x6. Easy peasy

Step three head over to Home Depot and pick up wood. Thin for bottom and 1×6 for sides and back

Wood for the bottom
Wood for the sides and back.

I had Home Depot guy (Dwight) cut the pieces for me. I’m so clever. He helped me make sure they fit perfectly. These guys in lumber are always the most helpful in the entire store!

Step five gather tools and put it together.

I glued the side and back pieces to the bottom using liquid nails. I secured them together with 2″ wire nails. Remember, even though the wood is supposed to be 2″ thick, its really 1.5″. Why they don’t just say that i have no idea. Some dumb jock had that idea, I’m sure. With the glue, 2″ nails are good enough.

Clamp it together

When it bonded I flipped it over and nailed in 5/8″ wire nails all around it securing the bottom to the sides and back….in addition to the glue.

Now to put on the front. I slid the drawer in the whole to ensure it fit. It did. Like a glove. Now to put on the face.

I chose to use corner braces. Since i use them alot i brought a value pack. Its not really a value though. It’s $5 cheaper than if i brought the same amount of smaller packets BUT it doesn’t come with screws while the smaller packs do. The screws were like $4.80 so I saved 20 cents in the end. Wow. Whoopty doey.

added the braces

Perfect. Now I have to touch it up and add some handles and baddaa bing. I will show it later. There’s more work to do to it for now.

Expenses so far

Truck $23 , nails, brace and glue $13, paint $28, roller $5. Wood $11. Total = $80. I should not have to buy anything for the other pieces so I feel like I am still ahead.

What do you think so far?

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