Ordering Up some food

A childhood friend of mine is a chef and has a catering business called Concierge Cuisine in Maryland. He caters in home, by mail and in the normal conventional ways. One day I saw a posting of his spice collection and I commented about the investment. From that conversation he talked about his catering business and the next thing I know he was sending me a meal. I thought now how does this work, getting food in the mail? He text me yesterday and said its on the way and it was delivered today. Hmmm…

The package was cold and smelling good
I didnt know what was coming so you know I was shocked to see my favorite fish. Jerk Salmon, w coconut and mango, rice and peas and peas.
Proof that the food was cold. This was delivered to Florida and its about 83 degrees today but notice the butter was intact.

As much as I hated to, I put it in the fridge to eat later.

I was trying to work but all I thought about was that food. I can’t resist Caribbean food y’all. I held out until 6:00 and then it was on!

I placed it on my plate and then heated it for 5 minutes in the microwave. It was delish!

The food was spicy but not too spicy with a blend of sweetness. It was so good. There were different flavors in every bite. I couldn’t eat it in one sitting as the portion was ample. I could have actually saved some for later but I made a quick store run and came back and polished it off.

I left y’all a pea and a piece of 🍋

Kev: I will be ordering something soon. Thanks so much!

As a side note I went to a dinner party one time where the host hired a chef to prepare the meal. It was quite a nice experience that if you haven’t tried you should. I would recommend chef Kev 100%. Valley4lyf!!

If you are interested, you can place orders thru any one of these mediums
🌎 http://www.ConciergeCuisine22.com
IG Concierge Cuisine
FB Concierge Cuisine

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