Starting over

In anticipation of my brother coming I decided to get a recliner chair, because I didn’t want to fight over my chaise lounge. This thought started creeping in my head right around the time I was to self- quarantine.  One recliner that’s all I planned to do…

During self-quarantine I learned just how uncomfortable the  furniture I already have really is. My thoughts ran from  getting a chair for my brother to buying a love seat and two recliners.  If he has a recliner I have to have one too. Lol

This give me the perfect excuse to paint and rearrange the livingroom.

I went to all of my local stores and found nothing until I got to Ashley Furniture. They had a nice selection but their customer service sucked. I walked around the store for about 30 minutes looking, measuring, sitting in  furniture and not once did anyone ask me if they could help.  I left. I ordered my furniture online.  Delivery is in 19 days. Yes, I said 19.

The loveseat

The chair

All was on clearance. It doesn’t really match my livingroom’s sherbert color now does it?

I need to rearrange and paint.

I picked out a Behr color called Ice Sculpture. Its a light gray with a bluish tinge.  Reviews say it has a green undertone but I see blue.

Behr ice sculpture

So I moved my ikea sectional to one of the kids rooms and rearranged everything and I am DETERMINED to get my glam look.

After I paint the walls I  have to paint the fireplace and move some stuff around. Yikes. A domino effect.

For now I can tell you that I couldn’t reach the ceiling so I had to leave some of the yellow wall. We will see how this turns out.

To be continued…


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