My TV stand in the bedroom

I moved my TV wish spot but didnt have anything to put it on. I went to walmart and different places and just wasnt willing to spend the money. So heres what i did.

I went to Big Lots and picked up a cubby storage unit

I thought this would be wide enough. When I put it together I used wood glue in the holes for the dowels. That seems to make everything more structurally sound. But after I put it together I found it wasn’t wide enough. (Look at the right side). Rats!!

I went to Lowes for a solution. Remember I was being cheap. I found these fence pickets. Price was right. I purchased 3 and had them cut down to 4′. The side with the dog ears was cut off.

So far about $46. Invested.

I sanded them to have a smoother surface and less rough edges, glued them together, then clamped them to ensure a nice tight join. When dry I put on a coat of primer and let dry overnight. If you do this make sure you use kilz primer. Tinted or untinted…doesn’t matter.

Next I painted it with turquoise paint then painted white stencils.when everything was dry I put a top coat of polycrilic. I let dry for two days under a fan.

Problem solved. More storage for my books and a place to hold my TV and not taking up a lot of space.

What do you think?

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