The bling bling bed???

I purchased this bed from walmart.

The first thing I thought was it needs some pizzaz. But what? I brought a cheap bed on purpose until i can find the bed I really want.

I was in Michaels and spied these gems

Ashland Decorative Filler
I can never use all these but it didn’t come in a smaller package.
These should be perfect
Put a dab of e6000 glue on the point
Push it in the tuft

Bam… a quick project. It looks a lot nicer in person. This galaxy s10+ with 3 cameras is not all they cracked it up to be btw. The pictures never look right.

When I made up my bed I had to lay the pillows down to see the bling lol. I need a higher headboard! And a big dream catcher over my bed. I have to see how to make one. On to the next project…

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