is manipulating reviews!!


I am beyond pissed about Amazon and their shady practices and there is nothing I can do about it.   Amazon is manipulating reviews and deleting reviews because we don’t give them the rating they are looking for. Did you know that? 

Most people don’t even notice this is happening. The only reason I know is because I wanted to update an old review and found 98% of my reviews were deleted.

After writing them and not getting a response I googled it and found if you post too many reviews in a day your reviews will get deleted. If you give too many good reviews your reviews will get deleted. Wth!! Is that why Amazon choice products typically have crappy reviews?

Ok so here’s what happened..

I wrote a review and they rejected it so I went back to correct it and saw this.

I wrote them and asked why.   No response. I called and they said they would email me and then nothing. I finally flooded their email account with the same question and they finally graced me with an answer:

After selling my house I am FINALLY able to afford to shop on here and now they want me to leave if I don’t accept them rejecting my reviews? WTF. Here is a review for glam lights.

Love love love these lights. Easy to install…the base of each bulb screws to adjust the length berween each bulb. Long press the power switch to adjust the light lumens. Tap the power switch to turn off or on. I feel so glamorous now.

Then I got this:

I don’t understand what I did wrong so again I call and email until they finally respond.

Conclusion. Don’t bother writing reviews. Amazon clearly is manipulating them and deleting what they don’t want to hear. Ever notice a lot of reviews now talk about different products. For instance this morning I looked at reviews for a Cadillac light and reading the reviews there was one about a Honda light and one about a Mercedes-Benz light mixed in the Cadillac reviews.  What? I go back to see if Honda or Mercedes was a choice. No it was not. Amazon screwed up. Don’t believe their reviews!!

I am using and more now. None of that nonsence going on!!

Jumping ship soon as my year is over. To hell with Amazon and their manipulated reviews!!

I got too much other stress to worry about than  freaking

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