A Lamp makeover

I had 2 lamps that I started to sell but then decided to keep.

Nothing wrong with these lamps…just old fashioned and crying for an update. BluJay to the rescue.  Atleast I hope..

What do you think? Trash or upcycle?
Spray paint to the rescue!
3 very light coats. I love the way it came out.   Satin Nickel
Added a new shade from TJ Max Home Goods. I really wanted to wrap the base with chain but its too expensive.

I need to paint these walls!!

Oh and in case you think I am trashing the old lampshade….no, no, no

I have plans for the frames to hang in my studio…
Macrame is easy…
Or maybe knot (haha). 
More info to come.  Let me know what you think of this project. 

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