Fixing a view from my couch

I don’t have a wall separating my livingroom from my entranceway, so when I sit on the couch I get to see this.

Why? Because I HAVE to have a shoe rack by the door or else there will be a pile of shoes. I needed a better solution though, so I headed to Ikea on a hunt.

I found two options that I loved. I didn’t get the one I really wanted because of size. But all in all, I am happy with my choice.

The first choice was the Hemnes shoe cabinet with 2 shoe compartments and a drawer for your keys and such. It comes in white and blackish brown. I loved it but for me it was too high.
The drawer is convenient but honestly it will turn into a junk drawer by the door. And I need that lol.
It holds shoes and short boots. Nice!
My second choice was the shorter version with 4 shoe compartments holding 2 pairs of shoes in each and no key drawer.  It comes in white and blackish brown. I chose this one based on the height. I didn’t want my mirror too high up.
The compartments are pretty roomy.
Both versions have this cut out in the back. Very needed!!This does mean it has to be mounted on the wall. Since I am renting I didn’t want to drill into the wall so I used the 16 lbs heavy duty command strips. I used 7 of them. I think it will hold!
I went from this
To this. A MUCH better view from the couch.
But now I have to find a better solution for my keys! I didn’t realize it was such an eyesore until I saw the key drawer!

What do you think? And please…give me some ideas for my keys. Something stylish please.


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