Product Review…cobweb duster

We saw the cleaning lady use one of these cobweb dusters. I knew I had to have one. My aunt was sweet enough to purchase one for me off amazon.

Ettore 31028 professional cobweb duster with pole

This is great for  cleaning cobwebs on walls and in corners, wiping dust off ceilings, window screens and my favorite… the vents. My ceilings are 12′ high. The pole extends 9′ so I am able to clean those nasty ceiling vents with ease!! Yaaaay.

To clean the duster, shake it to get loose dust out. Then submerge and swish in warm soapy water.

If you submerge in vinegar and dawn you can use it to clean your shower glass and tiles.

This duster is less than $20 and a great investment.

This review is not sponsored.

What do you think of this product and how would you use it?

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