The New Journey Begins!

A day to remember: 2/1/21. Easy.

Me and my brother…

As the day started out the weather was beautiful. I went in to sign papers to close on the house and when I was done the temp outside had dropped 20 degrees. I kid you not. Don’t know what that means, if anything, but its noted.

First off, let me clarify I love this house. It’s big, it has character, good bones (I think) aaaaand it’s a slight project. I love a project!

By project I meant the cosmetics…. walls are a off white…i call it the smokers color so I will paint it. The fixtures are old, so I will replace them. The toilets rock and are short so out they go too. The house is dark so led lights here I come. The driveway has some cracks. I always wanted an epoxied driveway so here is my opportunity. Outdated kitchen: do I gut, reface or what. Goal is to come out of that less than $3k. Haha good luck with that!!

But besides that there is maintenance that needs to be done. Electrical upgrades. windows need caulking….right now air is leaking like crazy. No wonder the power company said the light bills are really high… need new appliances etc.

Day three. Dont know where to start. They say work your way down. Ceiling, walls, floors.

Grandson helped me to make my first decision. He was rearrainging one of the kid rooms when he tripped over the carpet and fell into the window. It broke. Yikes. Don’t know if the window was cracked already but it’s broken now! Thank God he is okay.

Step one. Replace windows.

And just like that, the trip down the rabbit hole begins.

Thanks for joining me. Please subscribe to keep up and tell your friends to follow me too. I hope to offer some interesting ways to save money and decorate on a dime.

Here is a tour of the place. What ideas do you see? Let me know in the comments! Oh and i said two rooms need to be gutted (in the video) but I didn’t literally mean down to the studs. I meant new cabinets, floors and fixtures. Big difference lol

Dont forget to tell me what kind of ideas came to your mind as you watched the video?


3 thoughts on “The New Journey Begins!

  1. Hey, I really like your house. A few projects, just enough to satisfy your hunger for fixing things!!! I can imagine that your mind is racing. LOL


  2. Woo Hoo!!! I am so EXCITED for you! I can’t wait to see all the great renovations that you are going to do! I know it is going to be GORGEOUS!!!! I am just waiting for the invite to come down!! 🙂


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