This closet is not fit for a queen!

I have to LOL cause my priority is not the kitchen or the living room but my closet. If I get my closet together that’s SEVERAL boxes off the top unpacked.

Here is a view of the closet before:

Wire shelves, beige walls and a 1960ish light fixture. Yikes
How many of y’all grew up with one of these in your house?  I know I did!

Interesting oddity. One of the previous owners glued on the little knob at the bottom of the light fixture and I’ve tried everything to get it off. No choice but to break the glass. Yikes. I am leaving it for now…just  in case I figure something else out.

Step one. Remove all the shelves and paint. Color used- Chantilly Lace. Because it has a slight blue undertone. Great to bring out my gray and blue colors.

People think I am crazy for painting as soon as I move in a house but to be honest this is the best way to learn your house. You learn about the previous owners too.

What did I learn so far? Someone in the house’s past was not very handy and they loved glue. I found so much glued together it’s crazy.

It seems that the shelves fell several times because  I found 3 sets of repairs, including one where it looked like a chunk of drywall came out and was repaired.

I am not making any judgements because Lord knows those that purchased my previous homes had a lot of my “What the hell” moments as they found some of my repairs too. It’s expensive to call in the experts!! The important thing is that we tried to do what we could, and we lived with what we did with a little bit of satisfaction and we left it and moved on. if the next owner can fix it better “more power to them”.

I scraped off as much of the popcorn as I could. It’s looks better. I painted over it with white paint. It looks like orange peel effect now. Time to shop…

I don’t feel like driving all the way to Ikea so off to Lowes or HomeDepot I go.

This is what I am working with. I purchased 2

The closet system was not hard to put together the tricky part was getting it on the walls straight. Mine might not be the straightest but it will do.

I added a mirror down at the end. I like it. I am not finshed unpacking yet so we will see if all my clothes fit.

Do you think I should do anything else to the closet?

Okay now I am unpacked. I got rid of a lot because I didn’t want my closet too full.

It’s fit for a queen even though not on the extravaganza level but I like it a lot better than what I started with…

A mini chandelier from Amazon. Is a big improvement in the lighting. I can now tell the difference from black and blue

What are your thoughts?


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