Something ain’t right about this floor!

I kept looking at the floor and thinking the color is pretty but the laminate looks old and some of the seams were swollen. Its driving me crazy.

I don’t want to unpack and then have to move all this shhhhh to do the floors. That doesn’t make good sense!!

The floors have to be replaced but the wood floors are higher than the bedroom wood floors and higher than the tile in the kitchen. Weird! A couple of nights ago i saw two different kinds of left over laminate in the garage and then when i looked at the bedroom and livingroom I realized they were not the same. Huh.

It hit me in the middle of the night: what if the whole floor was tile and they added laminate over these two areas? I said let me take a peek. I pulled up one piece and there was tile underneath!

Remember what I said about learning your house when you take it apart? I learnt whomever put this tile down did a terrible job!!!

And then just like I have to pick a sore…I started pulling up the laminate.

60 planks me and the boys pulled up! Oh gawd. What did I dooooooooo?

Wait… so the kids can help me paint now since there are no worries on getting paint on the floor? Oh yeah…Nana’s got a brand new plan. And painting they did. I cut in at the ceiling and they are doing the walls.

Do I have a floor to put down yet? I sure do not. I been scouring Lowes and Homedepot and I cant find anything I want at my pricepoint. Either white or very very pale gray so I can buy blue furniture or very dark to black so I can buy white furniture. Hhhhhhhhh

The kids are going home next weekend so I better get bizzzzzy!!!

To be continued…

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