Feng shui basis

I decided to check out my house layout in terms of Feng Shui.  After drawing out the house I wasn’t too disappointed.

I have 4 bedrooms.

Bedroom 1 is in the money corner. It should be decorated with blue and water and display images of wealth. Funny, it already has lots of blues and my grandosn that I always say is going to be rich lives in there.

Bedroom 2 is in the fame sector.  It should be decorated in yellows and oranges and have candles. Funny, its already there also and my popular grandson who loves candles lives in there.

Bedroom 3 is in the love and relationship sector. It should be decorated with pinks reds and whites and have symbols of love. It already has burgundy colors but it has a statue of a lone woman. She has to get out of there.  My brother is in there.

Then theres my room, the master suite. Its the “helpful people”  and travel sector and should  decorated in grays and whites with stones and circluar objects. Hmmm already done!! Maybe I will get to travel to some exotic places. Helpful people are my spirit guides. Now that I know what this area is about…I’m happy..

My bathroom is in the career sector, garage in the wisdom sector, kitchen in the health sector, dining area in the family sector.

Hopefully I can tie this all together!

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