The stuck in the 70’s bathroom part 1

Well the bathroom really is not my cup o’ tea. Its stuck in the 70’s for sure.

You are probably thinking its fine. No, no, no. Not fine! Driving me crazy. So heres the plan.

Paint the tiles. Yes I SAID PAINT THEM SUKAS. Since I have to do so much in this house.  I don’t have the money to re-tile at this time. 

First step is cleaning all the surfaces. I used sulfamic acid. The word acid should make common sense kick in to use strong chemical gloves but I used dish washing gloves. Now my phone won’t recognize my fingerprint. Like tru mafia, I must have burned mine off LOL.

Use chemical gloves!!
This tool works wonders to remove old grout.
The wall paper mural I plan to put up
This has got to go.
Interesting tile. But yeah…still getting painted over.
I was going to buy new fixtures for the tub but they cost too much so I spray painted them with Valspar paint and primer premium finish in gloss black.
Micro mist spray. That means it will get on everything. Probably in my lungs too. Wear a mask people.

I put plastic everywhere so I wont get paint on it. Everywhere there was no plastic I had a “micro mist” of spray paint overspray. Yikes

I pulled the plastic back so you can see it. Good thing I plan on painting the tub too.

That almost looks like a body print. OMG someone is trapped in my floor.

So heres the plan. First I am painting the tile with gripper bonding primer. You can paint anything shiney with it and it will stick to it. No sanding necessary.

I see “ideal for tile” and “mildew resistant”. SOLD. I love this primer!

On top of that I will be using Zinser perma-white mold and mildew proof paint. Its tintable so Lowes tinted it mink.

Self-priming, scrubbable, stain-resistant, withstands moisture and has low fumes. SOLD.

The cans of paint look used because I’ve already painted. I will show you the results when I have more completed but I will tell you I am happy with my progress!

And for the tub I will be using HOMAX Tough Tile. Not many people tell you about this product so I figured I would try it. Besides I am over the spraypaint!!

This paint is made in Mexico so my tub will be dedicated to my old flame whats his face AKA Carlos (lol)

The tub came out beautiful. Very easy to do. I just followed the instructions using a small roller. When you touch it, it feels so smooth and beautiful. In the past I did a cast iron tub but it didn’t come out this good. I will also let it cure 30 days before using.

The tile and the tub were a success!!

So to recap in part one the products used were:

Valspar Stainblocking Bonding Primer Sealer…highly recommended for using as a base/primer before painting over bathroom wall tiles. Definately makes paint “stick”.

Perma White Mold and Mildew Proof Interior Paint….custom tintable to many colors (not all colors), and really holds up well. Highly recommended for bathrooms and kitchens where a tough paint is needed.

Homax Tough as Tile tub refinisher paint….very easy to use. Completed product as beautiful as a brand new tub. I’ve used the other brand before but I love this one the best!

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