Painting my bathroom counter with PAINT… Bathroom remodel  part 2- the countertop

Lets look at what I was working with…

This is the old owners set up. Stuck in the 70s, no place to store tissue. I do like the mirrors flanking the big mirror though.  That was a selling point. And the extra wide vanity which has drawers in the middle is awesome.
Dated light fixture
Ceiling to floor tile in the tub area, old marble style laminate counter, oval beige sinks, and uggh on the fixture
The mirror without the side mirrors
The tile floor is badly stained. I hate stepping foot on this floor, it is so gross. And I did everything I could to scrub the stains but they werent going anywhere. I figured out quickly how it happened. Walking barefoot.

I had oval sinks and wanted to change over to square.  For a long time I thought I had to rebuild the countertop (because the hole is too big) to make the new sinks  fit.  I finally just took the sink out the box and dropped it in the hole to see and whahlah, it fit! Yaaay.

I took off the sinks. Easy enough following youtube.  I went to my stash of sample paints that match my wallpaper.

One of the handymen saw my wallpaper and said who in the world thought this god awful wallpaper was a good idea. He thought i was tearing it out verses putting it up. Lol well I LIKE IT AND THATS ALL THAT COUNTS

I gathered all my sample house paints and picked my colors. I mixed half paint to half floetrol and poured all the colors in a container. I just poured each color in WITHOUT mixing them.

Mauve gold yellow brown olive and gray

Next i poured it all on the counter. It wasnt thinned out enough so it wasn’t moving. Yikes.

I got out my blow dryer put it on cool and high and went to town moving the paint around with the cool air. This was really fun to do watching the effects I was making.

I added some gold mica metallic powder to alcohol, mixed it well and sprayed it on top. It was supposed to be 91% alcohol but I got my alcohol from dollartree so its 50%. It sat on top of the paint.

Day 2 and its still pretty wet. I have a fan on it to help it dry. Its looking more like stone. Its going to take a few days for it to dry then I have to seal it.

It took a total of 3 days to dry. The paint cracked here and there which made it really look like stone.

After it dried completly I sealed it with 3 coats of matte polycrilic. I used the counter but didnt leave anything in it for a week, letting everything cure.

I am really feeling it but whats you take in it?

Did I make a Mess or a masterpiece or something in between?  Be honest…

To be continued…..

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