I am trying to help my grandsons be handy. They are almost at the point where they can do things on their own.

The project I had today was changing out the sink in the guest bathroom. Helper is grandson #1…1 because he’s the oldest.

This is the old owners set up. Single round bowl sink, builder grade faucet, brown accent wall . Basic boring bathroom. My plan is to make it a gray black and white bathroom.

Originally I was planning on painting the tiles white, redo the tub, change out the lights, epoxy the countertop, paint the walls gray and white. But i am haunted by my co worker saying her husband is like me with a lot of projects started and everything ending at 90%. Sooooo i am changing the sink and faucet and painting and calling it a DAY…

#1 is my helper.

Before. I hate this counter but whatever.
How you like these child locks the old owner left. Ugggh. And they are GLUED ON.
Taking out all the old plumbing
Oh how nice. Old owners painted the corrosion on the pipes to cover it up.
Putting on the sealant
We scavenged parts and in the end had a bit of a leak
But it looked pretty…
Went to Lowes and he explained what was wrong. The short end of the trap goes towards the wall. Brought all new parts and did it over.

And now ladies and gentleman the sink is finished and no leaks!!

It may take me a little longer but I get the job done..I don’t have any idea how much I saved in money.


Good job #1!!

How old were you when you changed your first sink?


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