This weekend I brought a treadmill. I wasn’t ready for it but the deal was too sweet to pass up.

I saw it online on Nextdoor and just had to have it. When I went to the guys house I was busy checking out his garage. Can you say awesome? He was a Navy Seabee so I expect a great garage. I need friends like that. CLOSE BY. Lol.

His s**t was straight up from the floor up. You know mine is tore up from the floor up.

So I got home from a tiring day at work Friday and worked till 2 AM organizing, and putting things away and cussing myself out. I got up Saturday at 6 and worked till they delivered the treadmill at 9. So far I emptied 15 boxes and my car is full of things I need to get rid of.

I need to have a yard sale. But they are tiring. Everything is in my car waiting for me to decide.

I say all this to say now I am realizing how much of a haorder I’ve been. Half of what I packed I brought over 2 years ago and never used. I just don’t have the time to keep up with my interests. So I penalize myself by giving it all away.

In the meantime i do have a small semblance of a home gym. I gots to get rid of the rest of this junk on the sides but I don’t want to be kicking myself for giving away the farm lol.

And the good part is I did a walk in Slovenia…


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