This kitchen got me bitchin…

This kitchen got me bitchin. FOR REAL.

Before shots

Hate the floors, the stove the vent hood,  the lights, the tile, the vibe.
I have a perfect place for stools except the didnt nake the bar overhang enough
Definately need more light
The floors would be better if they were lighter and the pendant light is too far away from the tabke

It is so not my style. Like the rest of the house it’s stuck in the 70’s. I like the Floorplan. The rest ehhhh

First thing I did was head to Lowes for a new stove and fridge.  I opted for Samsung.  I  just had to have the Samsung fridge with the family hub. Its slick and looks beautiful. They say it is Fingerprint Resistant but all I do is clean fingerprints off that bad boy. In fact i baby sit all these appliances. <insert pic of me rolling my eyes>

Anyway when I got the fridge the cabinets were too low so out they came. I was just going to remove the ones over the fridge and lift them up BUT believe it or not 6 cabinets were all one piece so out they came. Then all the others came out too.

I went to Habitat for Humanity and found 3 cabinets for $15. Yup, $5 each.

So heres the plan…put in more lighting, paint the walls a vibrant color, and jazz it up Jacki style.

Side note. Everything in this house is glued together.

To be continued…


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