An Island for my kitchen.

I have a lot of room in the center of my kitchen and I want to get an island. I shopped around and the prices were just crazy. So you know me. I will do it myself.

I thought about my cube bookshelves I got from walmart. I have them in every room. I decided to use my white one.

The only problem is that its not deep enough so I went looking for a second one so I could put them together.  Of course with covid it was hard to find one. The first I got from Big Lots. I went to every big lots on the east coast…well the coast of fl…central florida…and there were none, so I got  the second from Walmart. They was about 1/4″ difference in size. Of course. 

Costs:  2 cube shelves $58

1 1×4 $3

4 ball bearing wheels $6

Wood panel 24″ x 36″ $18

4 wood panels 13″x48″ $31

5 packs hinges $9

Here are my steps:

First things first. Put the shelf together.
I decided my top shelf would go all the way across on one side so I cut the box the size of the opening to span across the back of one side.
This is it from the back.
I cut two  1×4’s and added  them to the bottom.  This secures the two sides together on the bottom.
I got these ball bearing wheels from Harbor Freight and added them to the 1×4’s.
This is the top its already sanded smooth. Its about the same size as the cabinets. I would have preferred they overlapped but I would have had to buy a whole sheet of wood for that.
I screwed it to the top.  This secures the front and back together. If you want to stain your top screw in from the bottom. I didnt think about it so I screwed from the top and then had to fill the holes with bondo and sand it smooth.
I do not like this seam down the middle so I used Bondo to seal it.
I decided to cover the other side with left over paneling from the kitchen.  There is a seam because I had to piece two pieces together.

Later I painted one end with blackboard paint and installed a towel holder on the other end. I put on a wood piece of wood and epoxied it.

I finished this a few months ago. Now I have feedback. Okay so everything is perfect except 1- I needed to make the top longer on one end so that it is like a bar. I don’t like the wheels. They are unecessary and they scratch. They would be fine on a tile floor but not on vinyl. They are coming off. Stay tuned for the upgrades.


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