Goodwill & My Kitchen

New Years eve 2021…spent renovating the kitchen some more. Sad but true.⁰

When I moved here this is how the kitchen looked.

I purchased a fridge and when it was delivered it would not fit under the cabinets. That’s how the kitchen renovation started. I was going to lift up the cabinet over the fridge but nooooo all three sets of cabinets is actually one cabinet. So out they all came. Including the bottom cabinets.  (I put the bottoms in the garage.)

I went to Lowes and got an estimate on cabinets. All I could afford were the bottoms.   At first I was going to do open shelves on the top but I changed my mind.

I went to Habitat for Humanity and found I could have gotten a whole kitchen for $200. Too late now.

Between Goodwill and Habitat I got 4 upper cabinets and paid $20 for them. Three of them did not have doors on them.

I went online to find some cabinet doors. I decided to order from highly recommended!! They did not give me any incentives to give them a plug on my site.

I looked online to see how to measure for doors. It was an easy process. I decided to order three Mission MDF doors. I kept the cabinet under the sink but I replaced those two doors also but I chose wood for them. Five doors in total. I had to pay extra for them to bore out the hinge holes. I did not buy the hinges because I had my own.

I placed my order on April 9th for 2 doors 19x 33 and one 18x27all three with holes drilled. At lowes one mdf door would have been $60!

I got the doors in less than 2 weeks.  When I opened the package I was a little surprised that there was a big hole for the hinges and two small holes where the screws would go but too large for a screw. What the heck. I sent them a message but I found the answer online. They take hole plugs so you don’t strip the hole with your screw! Hmmm. I found them on Amazon. If you buy hinges from them, they come with.

My total investment is about $95 for the 3 cabinets, doors and plugs.  Not too shabby!

Doors came and I hung the cabinets and installed the doors. I like the plugs! It makes the hinges much more sturdy.

The white is a bit starke and I need to tone it down a bit. I also needed something to go over the fridge.  Fast forward 7 months and here I am in Goodwill and I spy a cabinet that looks perfect to go over the fridge. 

I took this photo after I used bondo to make some repairs and I had started painting it with bonding primer.

My cabinets were 1/4 inches too close so I had to take down the cabinets on the right to move them over. Hhhhhh just great.

Taking it down was the easy part. Getting the goodwill cabinet up was the beast. When I tell you my arm muscles are bigger this morning I am not kidding.

I put a brace on the wall and my brother helped me get it up there but still that joker was heavy as hell!!

After I hung the cabinet I painted it. I picked out a very light gray color, copying one my of my old coworkers color (Keyar). I don’t know what color is on his cabinets but I purchased Valspar Icy Avalanche.. It is so soft and pretty. I am in love with this color.. and I like it a lot better than the white. That white was blinding.

Questions: Should I put glass doors on the new cabinet? If yes, should I add three on the bottom and one on top? If I put doors on should I decorate the top in any way? And lastly do you like my 90-day fiance cup collection?

Which version do you like better?


4 thoughts on “Goodwill & My Kitchen

  1. I like the new kitchen so much better. The color really captures my attention. I love the lights too. Are you going to change the light over the counter to match the rest?


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