Goodwill &  Walmart &  my Bathroom pt 1

I been in this house for 10 months now and although I made a lot of progress, I still have a crapload of work to do.

My problem is that I started working in here and never finished….I have a ton of unfinished work.  For example the Komar Serafina wallpaper that I love love love but never finished. My walls are textured and because of that the wallpaper  is a real challenge to get up. And the narrow spaces that I have to waste paper on.. uggh… discouraging.

I also don’t have any storage in here besides my closet (where I keep my clothes) and I refuse to junk up my closet. I put one of my display cases in the bathroom to hold my oils, lotions and towels, etc.

And then there’s the floor. Unfinished. Partly because I am not feeling it, partly because it’s not going down right. To finish, I need to remove my toilet, and that’s where I stopped.  My toilet area has looked like this for months. And it disgusts me every time I see it.  Like why don’t I just remove the freaking toilet, paint the wall and finish the freaking floor. That’s less than a days work!

Along with the shelf I got at the goodwill for my kitchen, I got a shelf for my bathroom.  It cost all of $4. It inspired me to work on the bathroom. 

My idea was that I could use the shelf to store toilet tissue, bath spray etc. You know, like they do in those pinterest bathrooms.  The shelves are kind of high and inefficient so I added a shelf to make the space usable, primed it and left it in my hallway all weekend, untouched.

Now my problem is colors. I wanted a little surprise when you go to the toilet area. I was thinking blue but as I looked at the photo of the wall paper, I am thinking I will go with a yellow. Then I was thinking of adding a chair rail. But scared of using a nail gun on the wall behind the shower. We don’t need any busted pipes!

I went to Walmart to buy the paint. Because of the pandemic it’s hard to buy paint. I brought a gallon of Color Place Candlelight Yellow. Walmart has really stepped up their game in homegoods.

I know you thinking is she painting AGAIN?  White was too stark for the bathroom. Then I was walking around the store and I spied this Armstring Flooring in Heather Brown.  I think it matches my wallpaper really good so I purchased two boxes. I hope it’s enough cause I didn’t measure anything.  I’m motivated to get started.

I made a beeline home and got busy. I painted the toilet area first.

Ohhhh this is going to look good. I like it. But now I don’t like the Brown I painted my tiles. It’s needs to be gray but I will paint that later.  Next thing to do was to take up the old floor that I did not feel fit in my decor anyway…which is why I never finished it.  This was Portfolio Adhesive Planks

Not easy. Well let me clarify. I was able to get the floor up easily, it pried right up…but the glue is another story. I put some mr clean down then dawn then vinegar then boiling water. Wtf, nothing is getting this glue up.

Yikes! It’s now 6 AM and I am done for the night. To be continued…


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