Fabover40 contest

Someone sent me a link to this contest called fabover40 and told me I should enter. I looked at some of the contestants and I feel like I look better than some of them so I entered.

The prize was a 2-page spread in NewBeauty magazine, $40,000 cash and a spa-cation of a lifetime. Sounds good!!

To win you have to get votes. People can go on the page and vote for you or they can buy votes. If they buy votes the money goes to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Sounds good!!

I created my profile and then solicitated my friends.

I rose in the ranks to 4th place whoo whoo. Then I tried to find the 2021 winner’s article and thats when everything went downhill. It was hard as hell to find the article but I finally did find it. I read it and hmmm. 3 little photos and a lot about the contest a little about her. Since I pressed them about my concerns I can no longer find the so called 2 page spread.

Then I checked the rules and read through every single word.

“The one (1) verified Grand Prize Winner in this Competition will receive a prize package valued at an approximate retail value (ARV) of $100,500.00, comprised of (a) $40,000 (cash) honorarium; (b) the $50,500 estimated value of being photographed to appear in a double-page feature spread in NewBeauty magazine ; and (c) travel and hotel accommodations for a minimum 3-day/2-night Arizona “Spa-cation” for the Grand Prize Winner and one (1) guest, valued at approximately $10,000 (the “Grand Prize”). The Grand Prize Winner may refer to herself as the “Fab Over 40 Winner” in written and/or descriptive materials…”

They clearly stated the $100,500 is taxable income. And when i tried to figure out how much the taxes would be it came to about $40k!! So the cash is not really cash you can spend.

I emailed the contest to ask them what honarium payment is. They did not say what it meant. I asked does the photoshoot include makeup and wardrobe. They did not address this either. I then started noticing they picked and chose the questions they answered so my detective mode kicked in. And my scam alert was blaring.

I looked up the photographer from last year and inquired of their prices. $6,000ish which includes photos and makeup so why was they valuing it at $50,500? I sent an email to ask … no response. In fact I asked them at least 4 times and they refused to answer. The only thing I could figure out is the 2 page spread is really an advertisement for their fundraising and the winner helped them reach the goal. The winner is also paying for the ad space…my belief.

You have to be available to go to the photoshoot at a drop of a dime and on your dime (at your expense). Last years photo shoot was in Canada even though the winner lived in Arizona. Hmmmm

The spacation hotel room was a single bed. I would think girlfriends go together on a girl’s trip but rules state if you want seperate beds it’s on your dime.

I dropped out. PHUK THAT. My ego is not that inflated that I would stoop to this just to claim the title.

The organizer
Colossal Management, LLC has other “contests”:

Big Game hero

Greatest Baker

DT Care is involved in this as well.

All I have to say is they better read the rules carefully!! Everything is out there you just have to do your homework.


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