Color Play

I like to buy these Dollar Tree collapsible storage containers for a dollar. They usually come in gray with black trim or tan with off white trim in an assortment of sizes. Big lots sells theirs for $7 each and they are nice and colorful. Walmart sells theirs for $5. I want some colorful ones too but I only want to pay a dollar or close to it. I want them to look better than the dollar tree ones though.

I went to Dollar tree and purchased 18 of them. I thought they were the same size but later you will see they aren’t so lesson learned: don’t eyeball the size, look at the posted measurements on the package!

I decided to spray paint them so I purchased Rustoleum Painters Touch satin finish in 3 colors. I also wanted a lavendar so I got Krylon Colormaster in gloss finish. The gloss part was by accident. We will see how that turns out.

I didn’t want them to look homedone so I decided to cover the trim on the front. I was only painting the front since it’s going in a cube. I covered the trim with masking tape. Please make sure your tape is on straight!

The tape should line up with the edge of the trim and fit over the handle.

Shake up the can real good then spray paint a light coat on, let it dry then paint on a second coat. Light even coats is what you want.

Remove the tape…

The tan boxes have off white trim and the gray boxes have black trim so there is a difference in the final look. I like both.

Put them in the cubes and wha lah. Color!

This was them when I couldn’t find all the same size cubbies

I will eventually replace the smaller ones so they are all uniform but right now I am not sweating it. I’m satisfied with the project overall

Finally replaced. Perfect addition to my art studio
Matches my rug ehh?


18 cubbies at $1 each = $18

4 cans of paint at $3 each = $12

1 roll of masking tape $1

Total investment = $33/18 cubbies or $1.88 each. I consider that a win!!

What do you think?

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